Druid tender of the Old Ones


Avarthel watches over the ancient menhirs in Drellin’s Ferry, or as he calls it, he “tends” them. He is a member of the Circle of Eth, a druidic enclave active in Elsir Vale, and centered in the small community of Witchcross.

The party knows nothing of Avarthel’s history.

The Old Ones, however, have twice gifted Olluvia with visions of the past of Elsir Vale, particularly concerning its invasion by the Abylossian hordes. In the most recent of these visions, she saw a city by a like beseiged by foreign men who called devils out of the sky.

Avarthel was last seen by the party before they left to scout out Skull Gorge Bridge; he was leaving to brief the druids of the Eth Circle on the threat posed by Dragon Legion.

Olluvia was recently contacted by a bird messenger sent by Avarthel. He stated that the druids are slow to act, but agreed to deny Dragon Legion forage in the Witchwood. The Eth Circle has been getting the animals to leave the area.


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