Aramdias Keo Ertan

Nurturer of Elyr

Cloistered Cleric 1 . AC 19 FORT +7
Divine Bard 6 HP 43 REF +8
Chaotic Good INIT +2 WILL +10

DEX 14
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 14
CHA 20

Sacred Vow Vow of Poverty
Nymph’s Kiss Nimbus of Light
Divine Spell Power Holy Radiance
Touch of Healing Stigmata

Appraise +0 Knowledge (religion) +1
Balance +2 Knowledge (nature) n/a
Bluff +12 Knowledge (nobility) +5
Climb -1 Knowledge (the planes) n/a
Concentration +2 Listen +2
Craft +0 Move Silently +2
Decipher Script n/a Open Lock n/a
Diplomacy +25 Perform (Poetics) +17
Disable Device n/a Profession n/a
Disguise +7 Ride +2
Escape Artist +2 Search +0
Forgery +0 Sense Motive +7
Gather Information +12 Sleight of Hand n/a
Handle Animal n/a Spellcraft n/a
Heal +14 Spot +2
Hide +2 Survival n/a
Intimidate +9 Swim -1
Jump -1 Tumble n/a
Knowledge (arcana) n/a Use Magic Device n/a
Knowledge (architecture) n/a Use Rope +2
Knowledge (dungeoneering) n/a Speak Language (Giant)
Knowledge (geography) n/a Speak Language (Elven)
Knowledge (history) n/a Speak Language (Draconic)
Knowledge (local) +5

The elderly ceramics merchant, Talos Ertarn, and his wife already had three grown children (two sons, both working as merchants, and a daughter, married to the town innkeep), when they received a strange visit one evening. A tall handsome stranger (clearly marked a devotee of Elyr by his simple brown robe, long flowing hair and wooden holy symbol) came to their threshold asking for a night’s shelter that he may tend to the mortally wounded stranger he had found lying in the woods a mile to the west. The Ertarn’s, being goodly folk, heartily accepted the stranger into their home and helped him make what comfort they could for his wounded ward. When both strangers left the following day, the holy man pronounced a blessing of Elyr upon their homestead.

The following spring, Aramdias Keo Ertarn was born. Keo was a strong and vibrant baby, and despite his aged parents’ growing weakness and dwindling energy, he grew up tall and healthy and charming. Knowing they would not be around to care for him much longer, and believing his presence a gift from The Maiden of Life, they gave him, at the age of 10, to the church of Elyr. The clergy of the church, finding that he did not have the strength of spirit to be a true conduit of the life-giving power of Elyr, gave him a position tending the books and tomes in the temple’s small library.

Keo made the vows of the temple and blossomed under the teachings of Elyr. He tried dutifully to fulfill his charge; he hoped that somewhere in the records of the temple lay the secret of the stranger who came to his parents, and he was enchanted by the songs and poetics dedicated to The Sustainer. In the end, however, he was not suited for the structured rigorous life of a temple librarian. He longed too much for freedom beyond the walls of the temple.

At the age of 25 Keo left the temple and began his life as a wandering healer…

Aramdias Keo Ertan

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