Protector of the Vale


Druid 6

True Neutral

STR 12 DEX 12 CON 16 INT 12 WIS 16 CHA 11
AC 17 FORT +8
HP 50 REF +3
  • Saddleback
  • Mounted Casting
  • Mounted Combat

Leopard Animal Companion


str 17 dex 20 con 15 int 2 wis 12 cha 6
AC 22 FORT +6
HP 32 REF +9
HD 5d8+10 WILL +2
  • Alterness
  • Weapon Finesse

From her earliest memories Olluvia has been with the druidic order. The Wise One of the Myrwych Forest told her that she had been abandoned in the woods, and the order had chosen to raise her, despite her being of a different race. As a result, she feels a kinship with elves that she has never felt with gnomes.

In her 14th year she was formally sworn into the order, and took an oath to serve the land. As her final initiation rite, she was to roam the lands for a year and learn on her own the wisdom that the woods possessed. She learned much from Myrwych and more yet from the lands just beyond. When she returned however, the forests were in chaos. The druid circle she had loved was abandoned, and the earth cried for help. She went abroad to seek help, and the knowledge she would need to one day return the Myrwych to it’s former life.

In the outside world however, she was lost when forced to travel settled lands. She found for the first time that some constructs of civilization, money and political matters at the very least, required knowledge she did not possess. She found a traveling companion in Keo who understood people the way Olluvia understood the animals and trees and her adventures had just begun…


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