Valyn Morndyr

Professor of History, Lyceum Magus

Wizard 6
True Neutral
DEX 15
CON 12
INT 17
WIS 11
CHA 11
AC 14 FORT +3
HP 22 REF +4

Valyn was born on the faraway island of Tlahuaco, in the colonial city of Voltigeur. He is a high elf, and the grandson of Corum Morndyr, a renowned war leader of the Blackbriar Elves, who fought alongside the Criestine colonists in the wars against the yuan-ti and the Emerald Cobra.

Valyn, however, shares none of the warlike interests of his forefathers, preferring instead to pursue his interests in arcane knowledge, and in history. Intrigued by his ancestral roots – the Blackbriar elves were well-known in the Northlands before they traveled to Voltigeur – he made his way towards the Criestine Empire and the city of Archbridge, where he landed a position as a history professor at the Lyceum Magus – a well-known school of magic and higher learning.

After many years of teaching in the classroom, Valyn eventually decided that he needed to learn more about the history and the culture of the realms of the Northlands firsthand. He began to travel through the lesser-known parts of Áereth, searching for rumors and legends about obscure things, particularly those related to magic, so that he may learn the truth about such legends. He doesn’t consider himself an adventurer per se, but he’s found himself in the company of adventurers during the past few years as he explores the wilds of the Northlands. He can often come across as aloof and snobby – this is partly due to living in academia most of his life, and partly due to him being the proverbial ‘stranger in a strange land’. And, to be fair, partly due to him being aloof and snobby.

He’s tall, thin, usually dressed in fine blue robes. Treasure rarely motivates him to go on an adventure, but the possibilities of uncovering the unknown … that’s what he finds quite interesting.

Valyn Morndyr

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